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Friday, September 12, 2008

Trendsetter, Follower or Individualist?

I've never been much of a follower as far as trends go... in high school I'd get harrassed by friends for not wearing much makeup and not having "pour in" jeans on. I'm not really a trendsetter either, tending more towards marching to the beat of my own drum, a free spirit or even a loan wolf if you will. If I do end up appearing to follow a trend, it is because I took time to decide what I really think about something and then if I decide it'll work for me... well I just "do it".

I did finally start wearing those "pour in" jeans, although not sure how that
worked for me aside from the can't eat much whilst wearing them, thus not making them even tighter. Low rise jeans/trousers... well that was one trend it didn't take me long to jump on... they are soooo much more comfy than pants that go right up to your waist and make you feel like you are cut in half... man I put on some old jeans I could finally get into and whipped them right off... sure they fit, but a waist band on my **shock** waist?... yucky! Chances are if that trend dies... well I'll still be searching for low risers. I like my clothes comfy.

When Ty Beanie Babies came out I thought people were crazy, going nuts over a bunch of stuffed toys just because they had a tag and a name on them and everyone else is doing it. I'm not even sure how it happened, but I ended up with two Beanie Babies about 2 years into the Beanie Baby craze and I was hooked. I mostly ended up collecting bears only aside from a couple of others I thought were cute. I'm missing Maple Bear though and that frustrates me... lol.

So when I first heard about "blogging" my first reaction was... wth is a blog??? When I was duly informed of the purpose, my first thought was people that have "blogs" were bizaarely crazy attention mongers. Who in their right mind wants to share their personal life, their private trials, tribulations and triumphs, on the internet? A place where anyone a
nd their dog can read about it! Well I guess the laugh is on me... this is sooo addicting.

The story goes like this... someone either sent me an email or told me in chat about this eBay auction some chick/mom/lady had up for Pokemon
cards. I was... "why do I want to see an auction selling Pokemon cards, we got more dang Pokemon cards than we know what to do with?" Just check it out, I was told. I saved the link to look at later...

Later... I laughed so hard when I finally took the time to read that ad I nearly peed my pants... my low rise, not so ti
ght anymore, jeans just about got a pee bath. She was/is soooo funny! Well there was a link for her blog, "Because I Said So..." and I just HAD to read more... here is the original eBay auction saved on her blog, "Adventures in Grocery Shopping". Thanks to Google-ing for helping me find that quickly :D.

That was over a year ago, but I was inspired and I created my blog name, set up a profile and on 24th of August 2007 I wrote my first blog entry. Ok, so I didn't get regular with it until very recently (but whoever said I was regular???). I really wanted to, but something or another held me back and it just wasn't happening very often. "Oh, I'll get around to it"... so here is my "round tuit" and I have no excuse anymore. I love writing, I really love reading the blogs of others (see my list to the right), especially friends, and I guess I've jumped on the blogging trend with both feet finally (and hands, I don't type so good with toes...). So be afraid... be very afraid...

My inspirations come from various circumstances, something on another's blog post, sometimes an occurrence that day (my kids crack me up, or just some randomness that pops in my head (you'd be scared to see the thoughts that just "pop up" in my head). I have nearly as many drafts sitting in my Edit Posts box as I do actual published posts and that's ok too, because if I start running out of things to write about... well there they are, the ideas sitting there waiting for me. So if you're looking for a little bit of a guffaw, a little bit of inspiration or especially if you are having trouble sleeping some night (please do not operate heavy machinery after reading these posts). Pop on in, read away and leave me a comment and your blog addy. I'd love to add you to my blogroll :D. (Don't you love all these new and made up internet inspired words?... "I 'Googled' that" or "She's a great blogger".)

It's raining here today, pouring now really... here one of my favourite rain tunes...

Supertramp, "It's Raining Again"

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Feisty Irish Wench said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well some of us were not built to wear low rise anything. So at the moment, I'm challenged to find anything that fits and doesn't leak any secrets.

And Because I Said So is a hilarious blog, right up there with Suburban Correspondent. I'm not as funny because I have half as many children as they each have. I go crazy enough as it is.

fazzey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Low riser, not me, have to have something to flatten my belly down.. Shannon so glad you have decided to post more,been going to your blog for a long time just waitinggggggg for you and your wonderful writtings, Thanks you make me happy!!!Fazzey