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Friday, August 24, 2007


Memory. (n.d.). Unabridged (v 1.1) - mem·o·ry [mem-uh-ree]
–noun, plural -ries. 1.the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences. 1. The ability to recover information about past events or knowledge. 2. The process of recovering information about past events or knowledge. 3. Cognitive reconstruction. The brain engages in a remarkable reshuffling process in an attempt to extract what is general and what is particular about each passing moment.

Memory is a funny thing. We have "a" memory and we have "memories". When we want or need to remember something we forget. For example, as I get older I spend alot more time thinking about the hereafter. Pretty much on a daily basis I'll head downstairs, or to my room, or to the kitchen to grab "something" and wonder "what the heck am I here after"???

Yesterday morning I was cleaning out the spare room & the spare room closet. All part of the ever continuing job of getting this house ready for market. Anyway, I digress, I came across a small, plastic, reddish brown, magnetic toy spider and put it "aside" as I knew it belonged to one of the small boys and they are rather fond of these spiders. Now that in itself seems innocuous doesn't it? However, yesterday evening Caleb came across the other small toy magnetic spider, the blue one, which of course is his. Do you think I can possibly remember where the heck I put the spider that I found? NOT! Poor Alexander, once again victim of his mom's serious case of CRS Syndrome. (If you don't know that one you'll have to email me, this is a G rated blog my dear ;) ).

The other side of memory is memories and sometimes we want to forget these and that's when we can't. Each day I get up and wish I could forget that I'm single again and how much it hurts and how much I miss my soulmate. Waking up alone, and realising he may never be around again to bring me a coffee in bed, which I think he enjoyed more than I. I open my closet to get ready for the day and oh, there's the shirt I wore when... can't wear that. I moved the living room furniture around, but I still remember cuddling on the love seats and I can't even sit comfortably on them. My boys asking after "Pop". Is Pop coming for Alexander's birthday? Is he coming for Christmas? Is he coming for my birthday? But it's more fun with him Mom. Even the kitchen is full of memories, the wok & grill are gifts from him and he loved to cook for all of us in that kitchen. One of my first memories of him is how he just walked right in and took over the kitchen, it was great. All wonderful memories, which one day will bring a smile, but right now only bring tears as I wonder if I will ever get to share those with my soulmate again. Memory and memories, crazy things.

God's blessings on you and yours.

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Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hmmm I hear ya on the memory issues, both bad memory and wishing you could forget other memories. (((hugs)))