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Friday, August 24, 2007

Wide awake and Unproductive

Can someone please tell me why the heck I'm still up at 1:00 am AND not getting a dang thing done around here??? Seems it is the theme of the day today though. I got up at a semi-decent hour, then sat on my tush for several hours sucked into the vortex of cyberland. Gosh, that is so unusual for me, procrastinating AND spending too much time on the computer. Such a rare & unusual occurrence. Just a few slight distractions with crackbook... ahem, Facebook, chatting, reading Dawn's blogspot and then starting my own. What can I say? I know, not much.

Ok ok, so it's besides the point that the Realtor is booked to arrive tomorrow at 1:00 PM. For those of you that are not so hot at math, that's 12 FREAKIN' hours until my house is for sale. So tell me again... why am I sitting on my lily white butt blogging, playing in blogspot, messing with my blogspot profile, chatting in aim and generally doing nothing truly productive? Is it because I love to embarrass myself by trying to sell a messy house? Is it because I think people love the idea of my junk laying all over the place? Nope, it's because I am the QUEEN of procrastinators and it is far more fun to play on the computer and chat with my friends than it is to clean the house. Go figure :-\. Can't imagine anyone else feels that way.

So speaking of me sitting at the computer... Naturally, like any mom I am proud of Caleb's mostly self-taught ability to read and I get very excited when I see him picking out words and even entire sentences everywhere we go. Praising him all over the place at his success and willingness to attempt harder words. However, I'm sitting at the computer today... and as mentioned earlier, I may have done just a wee bit too much of that... and up comes my precocious 6yo.

Caleb: "Can I have a hug Mom?"
Mom: "Of course sweetie"
Caleb: staring over my shoulder and looking directly at my laptop screen, "Mom, why does that say 'What the heck was I thinking???'"

Oh yikes, the kid is reading my BLOG! Ok, not necessarily a terrible thing, but he's reading my BLOG! I know, so far it's just the title and yes, if I hadn't been spending so much time on the computer to begin with he may not have seen it at all. But holy kid can read Batman! No more standing over Mom's shoulder I can tell you that much for sure.

I can happily report that some productive activity was achieved today that even included some precious time with my two younger boys. What was formerly known as the "toy dungeon" aka the "toy pit from hell", can now be safely called the "toy room" and they actually have room to play. With very little effort, Caleb was willing to give up quite a few of his toys to the dreaded "garage sale" box. However, Alexander needed a little more coaxing to convince him that he did not need to keep the broken McDonald's toys, or the RC car... that had no RC, never did (the perils of thrift store shopping).

And on that happy note, it is now closer to 2:00 am than one and I really should get some shut eye so I can get up at a reasonable hour before my children decide that finger painting with yoghurt on the tv or my laptop would be a nice surprise for mom.

God's blessings.

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