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Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 Boys and a Blog Title

Ok, don't let the title of my blog fool you. Really I am stupidly proud of my boys. Plus I love the shock value. 99% of my time that I am out of the house I have Caleb (6 1/2) & Alexander (5yo, in 6 days) in tow. That's it, just the two of them. I look, from what I have been told, just about the right age to have children in this age group.

"Awwwww, so you have 2 boys?" Well, no actually, they're girls, I just dress them up as boys because that's what I really wanted. Ok, no I never say that... but I'd like to **insert stupid grin**. The other question I often get is, "Awwwwww, twins?" (Picture Shannon banging head against wall, or cash desk or whatever is conveniently at hand.) Never mind that they are over a year and a half in age difference but Caleb is a big strapping, tall boy that looks just like his dad. Alexander is fine boned and small, a full head shorter than Caleb, and looks just like his mom (oh yeah, that's me). **Slappa slappa slappa** walk into this people.

Ok, so we've gotten past the stupid questions. They are boys and no they are not twins. Here is the shock value. I have 2 more of the little buggers, you got it 4, count them FOUR boys, God does have a sense of humour! Ahhhh, but it gets better, the other two are in fact, not so little... are you ready for this? The other two boys are in fact, Shane, 20 and Michael, 16 years old and no I did not start when I was 12! But I love the shock value :D!!

So that's where the "What the heck was I thinking???" title comes in. Who in their right mind gets to the point that they have a 14yo and a 10yo and thinks, "gee, I think I'll have more?"!!!! This is the point when "normal" people say, "Woo hoo, I can finally start doing things for and by myself!!".

But then, as most of my friends can confirm, I'm definitely not in my right mind and I've never claimed to be normal.

God's blessings.

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