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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And so the day begins...

Another morning arrives and the need to drag my blessed assurance out of bed and launch my boys to school. This morning I'm being a bit extra lazy and laying in longer as I'm only sending the seven year old terror sweet boy as his younger terror darling brother had a nasty case of the pukes yesterday and for the sake of all thought it best to keep him home another day. Said seven year old is the picture of efficiency... but only between 7:00 and 7:30 am on a school day, the rest of the time he drives me to wits end. However, that efficiency was allowing me a few extra minutes of laziness rest until this incredible, annoying sweet child being the incredible, annoying sweet morning person that he is, pokes his head in my bedroom, "is it time for school Mom?".... ughhh.

Continuing in the mode of today's efficiency 7yo's lunch and breakfast were both packed in a matter of five or six minutes. During which this morning child of mine has dressed and is helping me. So now, without my morning imitator (6yo) keeping our efficiency non-existent at a minimum, we had 17 minutes before having to get ready. What to do? For me, climb on the computer just to stay awake. 7yo read a Bernstein's Bears book, which of course he polished off in about 7 minutes.

7:28 AM and time to bundle up and catch the school bus. We're all ready to go, and half way across the deck my morning person decides he wants to walk alone. Well I have two rather rambunctious dogs that would happily knock him over, lick him to death then steal his lunch like a neighbourhood bully. So I give the boy a hug and kiss and in that below zero morning air (that's celsius for my american friends, it's not that cold here... yet) I have to stand and make sure he doesn't get mauled by canines.

They're not bad dogs, just rather hyper and lovable, each with their own brand of excitableness. The puppy was no where to be seen this morning, which is ok, as she's likely sleeping on the neighbour's deck. She sits well and is content to be quiet while you pet her, just really getting into those scratches behind the ears. But if she sees you from across the yard, she's a force to be reckoned with. 60+ pounds of fur and muscle will come hurtling at you at the speed of light and of my children's normal reaction? flight, not a good choice with this pup. Not so my neighbour's dog, no feeling of terror as she comes up to you, all is seemingly innocent as she plops herself on her butt, looks at you with her big brown eyes and gives a little whine. But then the fun begins because as SOON AS you touch her she goes ballistic, whining and wiggling and jumping and licking and all manner of doggy annoyances. Brilliant me, forgetting that she is a 75 pound jumping bean, bends over to pet her and keep her away from the boy and the bus... promptly getting smoked in the chin by her head and damn near biting my tongue off in the process. And that is the start to my day... I think someone screwed up and today is Monday...

The culprit to the crime...

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