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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa Claus,

Dear Santa,

I don't like to ask for much. Every year my wish is the same, a happy and safe Christmas for my family and friends, peace on earth, the usual. But this year Santa I'm asking for something for myself, all I want for Christmas is to be pain free.

I would really like to make plans for the next day, and to actually wake up and be able to do them. I'd like to take my kids on activities or go out with my friends, things such as, geocaching, hiking, skiing, and even a movie, and that it won't take a day, or more, to recover. I'd like to actually use the word "promise" when planning something with my boys, knowing I can hold to my word. To sit and play with them on the floor without it being a nightmare of stiffness and pain to get back up after. To go on a simple shopping trip and still cook a meal afterwards rather than having to buy pre-made food for dinner that day because I know, without a doubt, I'll be far too fatigued to do more. I want to hug my boys without fear of the pain it will likely cause. To cuddle with my little ones on the couch while we watch a movie and not be afraid of their little elbows and knees, knowing if they bump me it'll feel like someone has stabbed me with a hot poker. I'd like to have the energy to live in a clean & orderly home again and to give the handmade gifts I love to do.

I know this is a pretty tall order Santa, I really don't like to focus on myself, I love the gift of giving, but it's very hard to give the way I like when I feel like a piece of crap. So just this once I ask for something for myself, to have a "normal" life again. Thanks in advance!


Ps. You will probably need God's assistance with this one :-)

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WOW, Shannon. Thank you for have given me a reality check! I take WAY too much for granted, and forget to appreciate the 'little' things. I will be praying for your health and your healing my girl :)
Zoe x

~*miss shannon*~ said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Zoe. Surprisingly, I take too much for granted too, I just get reality checks a little more often in the mail than other people ;-). I am always in pain but I've been blessed that it has been "endurable" most days for the last few months and I'm feeling like I can finally accomplish things. There are still things I can't do, like play on the floor with the kids, but we sit at the table instead and that works too. Appreciating your prayers, I know they are helping!