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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Where's Shannon???

In all likelihood, no one really cares about this but I need to record it so I can get my head on straight (if that is even So what is Shannon up to these days? What is keeping me so busy that I rarely have time to blog, or at least complete a blog? (Grateful you cannot see my edit list and how many "drafts" are sitting therein.)

In some order resembling importance, but not necessarily in order of actual time spent ;) :

  • Parenting: Two very active boys of 7 & 9, 'nuff said?
  • Household: see previous point, attempting some resemblance of keeping order.
  • School: Attempting to get caught up after a very slow start to my University career
  • Photography: Always been an interest, a friend recently dumped fuel on the embers and this is growing back into the passion that has been dormant for far too long. (Also, I can't paint, so this is the next best thing ;) )
  • Internet: I spend far too much time researching and chatting and browsing about what I should be doing. That being said, I've made some pretty great friends and really loving how small the world is via the world wide web.
  • Writing: Another passion, but one I spend far too little time on.

So that's about it, and yet, it seems to consume my day quite well and finds me quickly at the end of the day wondering, "now what the heck did I do today???" Next, creating a routine to try to fit in as much of each of these as possible as well as some down time. Until next time, May Angels Watch Over You (MAWOY)!

What's keeping you busy these days? I would love to hear from you :)


ps. I think this may win as my shortest blog ever (not counting Wordless Wednesday) ;)

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Thanks for the update Shannon. If you still want help with your watermark let me know.