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Monday, February 22, 2010

Journaling: Handwritten in a book or Blog it.....

So here's my dilemma, I want to blog more, I have 4 blogs that rarely get entries these days. More importantly though, I really need to stop procrastinating my school work so that has to be TOP priority for me right now.

ROFL.... my kitten is sleeping on his back on the back of the couch (no that's not redundancy, that's what he's doing and where he is, really really). He's quite obviously dreaming, perhaps he is chasing the mouse he didn't catch (but I did :P) and his back feet are twitching. His toes are actually going to the beat of the current song (something by the Corrs) so it looks like he's tapping his toes to the tune. Darn it no video on my dSLR, but here's a cute picture of him snoozing.

Ok, ummmmm, gee, they say I have ADHD, they really don't understan.... oh look, a kitty dancing :P.

Anyway, as I was saying, ummmm oh yeah, school has to be my priority. Next assignment, start a writer's journal. Herein lies my dilemma, the suggested format is to get a blank notebook that suits you; It should be durable, portable, yet large enough to allow fluid writing. Ok, I love journals, scratch that, I love nearly all stationery, I'm a collector of stationery, I have more stationery than Staples spread around this place. Think I can find a journal here that I "feel" is suitable? Not likely, I'm funny that way, I could have 10 examples of what I need, but none are what I "want", they are not suitable to the purpose I have in mind.

That's not really my dilemma though, I need to go shopping really really soon anyway (like yesterday). The issue I'm working on is that I want to blog more but as I turn my focus to obtaining my degree I will continue to have little blog time. I wouldn't mind blogging my writer's journal, but a) it is supposed to be private and b) it is supposed to be portable. In considering these requirements, a) my public blogs won't work then. I can, set the entries to private, so that's an easy fix. B) My preferred location of entry is my desktop computer with the 24" monitor, not particularly portable. My HP Tablet is far more portable (not fit in my purse portable, but if I can haul around a dSLR all the time, what's one more backpack), but currently the wireless card is fubar so I can't post until I get home. Considering I spend 90% of my time at home, that doesn't sound very hard to do either. Seriously though, if you know me, once I want something, I have very little patience to wait for it. Nope, no ADHD here ;).

Having written all this out now I think I answered my own question, which is often the point of writing and/or sharing, particularly when faced with a conundrum. I'll purchase a new journal for the job. I really think that, although I'm not out & about often, grabbing a book to write in, rather than hauling out even a small laptop, is far less complicated. Having said that, if you have an opinion, feel free to share, I'm always open to new ideas ;).

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~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Shannon... It sounds like a paper journal would suit your needs. Needing something highly portable and mostly lightweight to haul around makes it easy to make a decision. The other option you can do to create less paper in the world... is if you have a mobile phone with a notepad app you can use your mobile phone. If you save it to the SD card on the phone you can plug your phone into your usb on the desktop to transfer it. But, for some people that sounds complicated. I'm not 100% dedicated to anything specific. So, I can go any route with this journaling concept.

** miss shannon ** said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Kimberly, I do think that is my best route, for this purpose at any rate. I do have a smartphone, but the notepad app isn't the best and for some reason the pen doesn't work properly on screen. I could start carrying around my palm again to be more green, but it has seen better days. The other way of looking at the paper journal is that it may be paper, but I'll likely keep it forever, not just toss it. The one pt. someone else made, is I will have to move past my perfectionism as I get mad at mistakes or if my handwriting is bad... lol. Well, off to get some journals today ;) Have a good one and thanks for being a faithful follower of my blog (((hugs)).