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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 9 at Wii Fitting!

(This is yesterday's information and posted first on

Burned: 2,239 cal (according to this )

Time: 9 hours

New Activities Tried: See below




in a jumbled, confused, or disorderly manner; helter-skelter.

This is the way my brain feels today and I know why, too much crap (can I say crap) going in and not enough going out. In other words, I ate horribly yesterday and not near enough water intake. The boys & I went Christmas and grocery shopping, breakfast was ok, one slice of toast with peanut butter, a cup of that lemon detox I linked to previously, and a cup of tea, then an apple enroute to the store (remind me next year that Walmart on a Saturday is bad enough, but the Saturday before Christmas is just stoooopid).

We left just before 11 AM and didn't get home until nearly 8 PM. (Any decent shopping is at least a 45 km(27 mi) drive and this city is 65 km(39 mi) away). We started at McDonald's, actually I grabbed a large double double coffee at Timmies first, and at McD's I only ordered a burger (double cheese), no fries. Then we shopped, and shopped, and shopped and finally left there at oh 2:30ish, hit Dollarama for another hour, got petrol and hit Superstore until 6:30ish. (Oh, I encouraged someone to purchase Wii Fit Plus at Walmart as a gift for her daughter-in-law :D). At Superstore my youngest (7 yo) decided to wander off and I had to get the store to call a "Code Adam" (can I count a panic attack as calories burned??). I'm so glad these big stores keep people at the exits at all times, he was discovered in less than 5 minutes but it felt like hours. I was so freaked out and in tears by the time he walked up with a store employee.

I was tired, stressed and just plain wiped out when we left Superstore, my feet and legs were burning we'd walked so much, at that point I decided I had earned a Starbucks coffee. Went to park at the new Starbucks and saw a Little Ceasars in the same strip, yay, supper! On the trip home, I drank half my coffee and ate 2 crazy bread and as if the shopping wasn't crazy enough, when we hit the highway the fog was insanely thick, what is usually a 35 minute drive home took over an hour. At times I was down to 40 km/hr (24 mi/hr) on a highway that has a limit of 100(60). The fog was freezing on the windshield, I had heat on full and had to keep spraying the window. Then right beside my place, someone missed the stop sign in the fog and got their wee car lodged up on a snow bank across the road. Once we were safely home I ate 1 ½ pieces of pizza and all 8 chicken wings :S. I got the kids tucked in bed, and realised I really really needed a drink (I don't drink very often) so had myself a JD's and coke and despite all the caffeine I slept like a baby LOL!

According to Health, I burned 2,239 calories approximately, I think that's conservative, between panic attacks with a missing child, stress shopping, and white knuckle drive home, I'm sure I burned more. But then I'm sure I consumed more than that too LOL.

Happy Fitting !! 8)

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