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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ok, ok already.... I'm back....

Alright, I know, I keep getting harassed about not writing, since... well forever it seems like.... but I'm here and I'll get right on it if ya'll stop raggin' on me.... LoL! Kidding, I love you all to bits and I appreciate you care enough to get on me about my lack of blogging... xox.

Going to start with introducing you to the newest addition to my blogging adventures... Hard Way In, Easy Way Out ! The adventures (or misadventures) of my boys and I as we geocache our way around the county, country, world !

Things I've done since my last blog (a photo essay).......

Met someone related to Evel Knievel (seriously lol).…..

Home 026

Went dancing with good friends.….

Friends 003

Drove a tridem highway tractor pulling a 3 axle oil tanker (that's 27 wheeler in laymans

Truckin' 016 (2)

Found out I'm going to be a grandma !!! ~:D.....


Met a great bunch of people, also related to Evel Knievel ……

Knievel Christmas 014
Played on the skidoo lots ~:D.....

Home 067

Learned the names of, and visited, several Alberta towns I never knew existed.….

Map picture

Moved away from my acreage, to a small town in East Central Alberta.….

Home 035

Played with my new camera lots (more to come with that of course)…..Photography 037 (2)
Visited Edmonton for Mother’s Day…

Taking the boys to West Edmonton Mall, Getting my eyebrow pierced and visiting my sweet, wonderful Grandmother.….

Edmonton 006Edmonton 018

Visited friends and went fishing in Beaver Lake, then did some aerial photography of the area……

Lac La Biche 108

Met with some great friends that I’ve known online for 4 years now…..

BC 102

While in BC, we went canoeing in the Columbia Wetlands…..

BC 167

Went on an early morning trail ride…..

BC 074

And were introduced to geocaching in the lovely town of Radium Hot Springs….. BC 042 Stitch

Moved back home, where I belong.….

Home 042 Home 018

Not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are the highlights of what was keeping me buys….. that and just being bit by the procrastination bug again….

I really hope to be on here more, making my blogs part of my university education.


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fazzey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Glad you are back blogging Shannon!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great post Shannon. Nice pix! =-D