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Sunday, September 07, 2008

National Grandparents Day

Happy National Grandparents Day to all those wonderful people that make our life and our children's life so special... This one is for you Grandma :D

My paternal grandmother is Ella McCann, and she is my hero. Born in Banff, Scotland on the 31st of July, 1915, a middle child with no father (another blog another day), one of 10 children and as strong in character as she is tender of heart, her love for family knows no bounds. Grandma only has 5 grandchildren but we, each of us, love her and can only hope to emulate her. Giving in all ways, loving all and a never ending spirit of forgiveness are just a few of the ways to describe who my Grandmother is.

As tough as iron, Grandma made it through many hardships without ever giving up her amazingly positive outlook on life. Yet with that toughness, Grandma is also the gentlest woman I know. Family is everything to her and she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Growing up going to Grandma's meant lots of hugs & kisses, hot scones off the griddle with butter and jam, her amazing Scottish shortbread and always time to play a game of chinese checkers. The candy bowls were always full of scotch mints or hard candies and her heart was, and still is, always full of love.

Grandma has survived all but one of her siblings, including their spouses, her husband and soulmate (she still celebrates their anniversary after nearly 30 years of his passing) and one child, my own daddy. Her heart broke with the loss of every single one of those family members and she thinks of each one of them all the time. Yet she continues to shine through each day with an unending sense of wonder at the abundance of joy in her life.

At 93 she is of sound mind in an unfortunately not very sound body anymore. However she did live in her own house alone until she was 91, quite an accomplishment and one she can be proud of. Overall a lovely woman that all who know love her.

And although I am often told I am like her in so many ways, I can only hope and strive to be 1/2 the person my Grandma is. Grandma... this day I dedicate to you, my hero! I love you.

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