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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Hitch in my Git-Along

Why is it that just when you need it the most, IT being energy, health, a sound mind and body, all of the above, or at least good portions of it, decide to break down? Ok, the only part broken down is the sound body right now, but that in itself affects the energy & health, and the knowledge that I really need to be doing well is driving me CRAZY!!!! Oh I know what you're saying, soooo, "Silence... I keel you!!!"... LOL!!! We all know I'm already crazy!

"A hitch in my git-along", do you remember that old expression? I use it rarely and only when I'm walking funny for some reason. I have found out it can either mean something is hurting and not working right, or it can mean something's been thwarted, depending on where you are from. I am thinking this is accurate in both definitions right now for me :S.

Two weeks ago tomorrow I was thrown from my (hopefully) future horse... twice!!! Ok, don't ask, yes twice... you know the old adage, "you've gotta get back in the saddle." The only thing... there was no saddle, therein lays the trouble, hard to stay seated on an upset horse without a saddle... long story and I won't bore you with the details. So I am in the healing process and somehow along the way that has included a pulled muscle below my left hip. So now in addition to the back I fell so ungracefully upon, I have this lovely, crazy walk that seems to be getting worse since it started hurting this past Friday.

All this would ordinarily not be that big an issue except for one itty bitty tiny little issue, I have to pack my entire house and move out in THREE weeks!!! This in itself is all great news, but holy gotalot to do Batman! So, I certainly do have something hurting and it is not working right, but it is also thwarting the rather important activity of packing and dejunking my old home. It is also thwarting my desire to train for an upcoming fund raiser, a Mother's Day Run that I've signed up for... and so the saying goes... A Hitch in my git-along, it means so much more to me now. So here is praying for a little less hitch tomorrow ;). Have a blessed day!!!

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Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I remember hearing that phrase as a kid. John Wayne used it in one of his movies, which I can't figure out at the moment.

I do hate when my good energy is interrupted by bad stuff.