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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Healing Begins

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This evening I feel a definite improvement in my literal pain in the left side of my butt. A day of forced rest yesterday by my body, if you can't walk to the end of your own yard you sure ain't going very far. A very late nite soak in a hot bath was helpful. Today ice, then heat for treatment, resting more this morning (Wed) and then took it easy in the afternoon but got a bit done at the old place still. But let me tell you, you try pushing a clutch in with a sore @ss... that is no picnic!!! LOL!!!

Healing works in so many ways, it works on our bodies when we've been injured, on our hearts when they are broken, on our minds when we are stressed. Rest is one of the most important aspects of healing; physical rest, rest of mind, rest of spirit. Physical rest is relatively easy, given the opportunity, sit, lay down and if able, sleep. How do each of us find rest in our mind and in our spirit though?

I find my mind and spiritual healing in so many places... God foremost leading me to what I need most at that moment. Laughter when I'm feeling down because of some real or misconceived hurt. Beautiful music such as the Enya song I posted yesterday, giving my mind a soothing rest from hectic thoughts or a hectic day. A lovely sunset to remind me of His greatness, the photo above is the sun setting below the Chinook arch taken from my deck this evening. And today, my mind and spirit healing came from the blog of a friend, a gentle reminder to stop getting in my own way, to dance to my rainsong instead of stepping on my own toes, stumbling rather than dancing through parts of my life journey.

And here I sit, once again ridiculously late when I've been told to get to bed early and... oops... rest so I can heal my sore butt.. LOL! But writing is another form of rest and healing for me and I can say I've also provided a valuable service, helping any insomniacs out there foolish enough to read this to get some rest too ;)! So rest well and sweet blessed dreams! ;-)

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Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We fibromites have to pay very close attention to our rest, relax & being able to decompress from the daily activities.

We must get a good night's rest/sleep. Which is difficult at best.

God certainly knows how to take care of us if we just let Him.

Thanks for the pix Shannon. I enjoyed them.